Lira's Handcuffsite

Welcome to my website about my handcuff collection.
Feel free to contact me, if you have more information about one of my cuffs.
For your information: I am NOT a native english speaker. I just wrote this website in english so international collectors can read it. If you find sentences which are written in bad english feel free to contact me.

On this website, you will find the following hand and leg cuffs:

ASP ankle cuffs Model 700
ASP Chain from the transport plus chain kit
ASP chain ultra plus cuff Model 475 or P450
ASP hinge ultra plus cuff Model 575 or P550
ASP Identifier Cuff Model 100
ASP Identifier Cuff Model 200
ASP 350 Rigid Cuff aluminum
ASP 300 Rigid Cuff steel
ASP Rigid Ultra Cuff Model 600
ASP transport plus chain kit
August Schwarz
A.W. Naht
Bean's Pattern
Bonowi Trilock
Chicago Handcuffs Bootcuff (neckcuff)
chrome darbys
Clejuso 1
Clejuso 6
Clejuso 8
Clejuso 11
Clejuso 12 A
Clejuso 12 D
Clejuso 12 D heavyweight
Clejuso 12 D with separating plate
Clejuso 12 D with separating plate and middle connection
Clejuso 12 R
Clejuso 12 RK
Clejuso 13
Clejuso 15 with 5cm bar
Clejuso 19R
Clejuso 109 (cut)
CTS Thompson 1010C
Emil Bloch Nipper
darby with patina
darby shiny
DDR chain nipper
DDR leg cuff
french old, unknown
Halcom Industria Argentina
Heinkel Nipper
Heid and Roth Nipper
Hiatt Darby 101
Horst Stein Moabit 615
Italian Chain
KUB Irish 8
Kyung Chang
La Massenotte
Police Nationale
Presto Lyon Brevette
Schl├╝ter, Otto
Schutzmarke Deutsche Polizei, Hagge
Smith&Wesson M100
Smith&Wesson M103
Smith&Wesson patend pending
stainless steel darby
Tower anklecuff
Unknown german nipper
Victor Works Darby
Yuil M-03