Great Britain

Hiatt Darby 101

This darby is an original Hiatt Darby from the 1950s, the form of the key tells you. Also newer models of Hiatt Darbys, they had "British made" stamped in, older versions have "warrant wrought"

Latrobe LTH handcuffs

The Latrobe LTH handcuffs were made by a spinoff company of Hiatt. They look almost exactly like the TKS Type E handcuffs, because in 1990, TKS bought the pantent from Latrobe. Very special about this aluminum handcuff is the doublelock. To lock them, you need to pull on the chain, before you are able to set them by pushing the button on the side. To open the doublelock again, you need to pull on the chain again, before the key is able to move and open them. The lock has two lock striker plates which does make it more difficult to pick or shim the cuffs.